Oven baked vegetables

I like to share a simple recipe that could be cooked by everyone with an oven. Not only is it a simple dish it is also a clean meal with healthy ingredients. Today I cooked ( or let’s say the oven baked) potatoes, carrots, green beans and mushrooms. Now this could be eaten as aContinue reading “Oven baked vegetables”

Fats-the good & the bad

Around 250.000 before Christ, was the first time when humans used animal fats to cook. When man learned to produce fire, animal fat was used as edible oil. Today we know, that plants are also a good source of oil. We can distinguish between good fats and bad fats, science has shown that a humanContinue reading “Fats-the good & the bad”

Sweet like sugar!

Why do some people have a sweet tooth while others prefer savoury food? Studies have shown, that there is no connection between feeding children sugar and having a sweet tooth as an adult.It mainly lies in our genes.We are born with it! 3 myths about sugar Honey is healthier than white sugar! Unfortunately all sugarsContinue reading “Sweet like sugar!”