Hi There!

To be honest I am really not the greatest in giving a good introduction of myself. But what I have learned over the years ( I am only in my 3x’s) is that living a healthy lifestyle does have a great impact on your mental and physical health. I always have been a passionate cook and playing with ingredients , combining spices & herbs to give a dish a phenomenal taste, has always made me happy. Along the cooking I started thinking about food on a deeper level. Questions that have started to circulate in my head where for example – ” Where does potato actually originates from?”- “Is sugar really THAT bad?-” -“Why do some people believe wasabi is spicier than chilli?”-

I will be sharing recipes, as well as myths & facts about food. Since health plays a huge role in my life, I probably will be sharing posts of exercises & sport too at some point.

I would love to connect with everyone who is passionate about food the same way I am. My biggest hope and wish for this blog is to be seen by every one who loves fooood! 🙂

xoxo, R


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